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LM.C - San Jose 2010

ugh. sorry i haven't been around. when we got back from San Jose it was pretty much just a drop by at home then pack it all up back into the car and take a 10 hour drive to Atlanta. not something i would normally do, but it was for sure a well spent past week and a half. 

i'm currently quite tired, and it seems over my trips i have become allergic to SOMETHING, and i still continue to have hives and itchies here and there ever since arriving at the hotel in Cali. fml. 

lets get it on. they might not be REAL reviews. but they are my kind, so fuck it. its for LM.C in Cali and also the more recent Wonder Girls and 2PM in Atlanta (next post). I will try not to point out all the things i like to complain about, but i can't promise anything (lol). 

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