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Posted on 2020.04.19 at 21:06

(((        ALL ABOUT ME IS HERE        )))
if your curious.

but keep in mind, this journal is only for me to post random tid-bits of crap for me to remember in the future, im not here to make friends (anymore), but if you want to add me regardless, go ahead. 

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Japanese goodies sale!! Reduced prices!!~

Posted on 2012.08.09 at 01:29

Hello everyone!! I have all sorts of left over Japanese goodies I'm trying to sell. Mostly J-rock goods, but I
also have anime, J-fashion magazines, among a few others. I REALLY NEED TO SELL THIS STUFF! I have
an event coming up next year that I would really love to go to. If something is too expensive I am more than willing
to negotiate a better price. Thank you!
Please go take a look!

Preview of some items I have:
-lots of Jrock (Gazette, Miyavi, Despa, LM.C etc)
-many Japanese magazines inc.Shoxx,Neo Gen, Egg, Fruits, etc.
-cheap anime dvd's (non bootleg, straight from the store)
-much more! please look~


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HUGE J-SALE!! Japanese goods: ANIME section

Posted on 2012.03.13 at 02:01

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Pokemon Collection (aka, nerd-dom)

Posted on 2011.03.11 at 02:05
Current Mood: crazycrazy

Ah, nothing much here. Only my ongoing Pokemon collection (via NDS games). I've been played this silly thing since he dawn of time, but only recently have i got back into it and started over with Diamond edition. I'm looking forward to buying Black/White though. >:) 

So, really just for my remembrance and to help me keep track of my caught Pokemon, i'm putting all the ones i currently own on here, and if they have evolved.

EDIT: Finally bought Black version!! Now i can get even MORE Pokemon. :O

 = water
 = grass
 = fire
 = electric
 = psychic
 = bug
 = poison
 = flight/bird
 = dark/ghost
 = fighting
 = rock/ground
 = ice
 = steel
 = Legendary

beyond this cut is madnessCollapse )

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LM.C collection (2011)

Posted on 2011.02.23 at 04:15
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed
and so i return sooner than expected!

naw i just wanted to drop off some photos i took today for later in life (yea, ok). 
Kim took photos of her SHINee collection all put together to see how (epic) much of it she actually had, so i thought i should do so with my LM.C collection. Mainly because, i think this is how its going to stay, i don't think it will get any larger than it is right now. Not because i dislike them or anything, just because i don't think i can 1) keep up with all the random goodies they come up with, and 2) because i don't have all that much money to be spending on it all the time. With this sort of stuff, you gotta be on the BALL if you want it. Simple as that.It comes, then its gone.

Plus, i really tire of using a Japanese auction site, then waiting for it to get bought by my Japanese-auction-buyer person, then waiting for it to get here, it's just a big hassle. and quite frankly, i don't care for it anymore. This really isn't 100% ALL of it, i have random other tid-bits, but i didn't think they counted.

tis be hereCollapse )

So thats it. I don't have much to say about it either lol. Other than dayum, thats a lot of shit. I'm such a fan. :P

I wonder if my Chansung collection will ever be as epic as this. Probably not. Half of me doesn't ever wanna bother lol, the other half is being greedy. So soo greedy. 

just sayin'.

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some recent useless productivity.

Posted on 2011.02.17 at 00:16
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: Lover Cop - 달마시안
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So, i wasn't 100% on whether i was going to add this to my LJ, but then i remembered my new updated rules for myself on here. Which is for the sake of remembering dumb shit like this in the later future so i can possibly regret it and/or be proud of myself. Either or. With that said!...

I probably mentioned on here (before i deleted all my posts) that i was contemplating the idea of sending Chansung some little gifties for his birthday this year or not. I actually DID think about it for a few weeks. First i was all "Well, maybe just one thing, small", then i was all "Naw, he gets enough random shit from everyone else, forget it", but THEN i was all like "Wait, i changed my mind, I feel he needs more goods to add to all his other goods". And essentially, i ended up sticking with sending him something. I'm wishy-washy i know. I think i might have been a bit iffy with it is because i don't normally send gifts to people i like. It was different when i gave him my other gifts, the Labbit and Undercover shirt and stuff, because i was actually at a place where i was able to give it to him. But for this, it was the whole process of sending goods you purchased with your own money to a random address in a foreign country, and you weren't even SURE if it would get there or not. 

I had two options though, send it to the fanclub (where they open all the gifts, and i wasn't even sure i could trust them), OR, send it straight to JYP, which also wasn't a great option because then i REALLY wouldn't know if it arrived. I went with sending it to the fanclub im in, and thankfully they got it and told me (i sent it a little late from the deadline and was worried it wouldn't get there). In the long run, everything turned out fine, and everything got there safely (as in, my present not MELTING).

So, thats about it on that little project. Which really wasn't much. Whether he will use any of it is still a mystery, but at least i know those M&M's will not be wasted in their household. Food is usually the best way to go with guys like that i think. lol. Either way, pictures. 

photo heavy, yoCollapse )

Ah, so. Thats that with that. Sometimes i don't like being a good fan. It's money you know, and when you spend money on things like this, other people think your out of your mind. It's not a totally common thing for people in the US anyway, we don't send shit like this casually to our idols, they would think it was going to explode or something lol. But its fun, in my opinion, especially if you see them wearing it. 8). But whatever. Maybe i'll be an awesome trooper and pitch in for Christmas for him, but who knows.

It depends if he wears my shit or not, but he has indeed surprised me so far.

(i'm so productive on LJ these past few days! now you won't see me again for a long while, kbye)

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Hairstyle archive

Posted on 2011.02.15 at 02:58
Current Mood: artisticartistic
Current Music: What the Hell - Avril Lavigne
 Kim and Gwyn did this a really long time ago, and i think i meant to, but never got around to it (i think it was because i really don't know where most of my old photos are), BUT... i found at least a decent amount, so i'll do it half-assed-ly. It's not really a "meme", like almost everything else left on my poor journal, but its along the lines sort of. I guess.

anyway, my hairstyles over the years:

1989 - 2011Collapse )

Thats enough of that. I'll eventually add onto it if i ever change my hair anytime soon. 
I can't help it if im... BEAUTIFUL

Mhm. Right.

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Posted on 2011.01.17 at 01:35
Current Mood: blahblah

Starting today, all of my entries will be public. At least most of them. 

I don't use LJ very often at all anymore, so instead im going to clean it all out of useless posts and only leave reviews, memes, covers or other random things like that. So basically, now it will just be a place for me to write about big events in my life. I'll use facebook/twitter for more day-to-day things. 

Thanks to all my long-running LJ friends who have put up with me on here for so long. :) It's been a good few years here. Of coarse i still come for Omona, but thats about it. No updates from me anymore. 

Bye LJ, its been a party since the beginning. 

I'll be back every couple of who-knows-when's. 

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Posted on 2010.09.26 at 07:35
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
Current Music: 2NE1 - Go Away
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early post of overtiredness. Why im awake at 7am is beyond me, lets just say my mood has been a little... brightened this evening. 

but i'm the happiest girl in the world for the dumbest shit sometimes lol. i actually already tweeted about it. but since my tweets are limited... yea. Chansung wore my shirt again! the one i gave him at the Atlanta concert back in June. ai, im so happyyyyyyajbdkj. lol. I'm aware i sound like a complete nerd but GOD DAMNIT its serious business! Let me wallow in my tiny, happyful... Chan-wearing-my-shit puddle. Ide... sorry, im really tired and lacking energy to make words sound right.

it was in the very beginning of the Chuseok Idol Athlete Sports...thing, whatever (which part 1 so far is so good lol) but yea, thats all the happiness i have left on that topic for the night. its actually a bit funny, because last night i actually questioned out loud at my sister "I wonder when the next time i'll actually see him wear that will be...", and suddenly, tada.  also, part of me doesn't want to say any more about it because i feel bad, because when i silent-squee about it i think Kim gets mad at Khun for not wearing her gifts. Cause he's an asshat. I'm sure he does though, just not in public yet? Or on TV should i say. ilu Kim... ;; another odd thing is, fucking mustaches didn't get "IN" until after i bought that AMAZING shirt. JSYK. it was me all along i say.

anyway, i need some sleep. I'm probably already going to sleep quite late today. Though i need to work out, so... i need to wake up. and do Korean too, and stop being a loser face. Because as HAPPY as this whole thing makes me, it makes me a tiny bit sad too.

lets not talk about it...................

Chansung, please have your long hair again one day. I love it so much. ide, ugh. 

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